WvW Front Line Elementalist Build

The links for my WvW builds arehere:
WvW Front Line Elementalist Build. (Larger Group Play.)

This build is to be played in the front line in the heat of all of the action in World vs World. It provides great support for your allies as well as having an insane amount of survivability itself.

Build Explained

Weapons: Dagger/Warhorn with Superior Sigil of Bloodlust and Superior Sigil of Draining
Armor/Trinkets: Full Celestial with Scrapper runes.
Food: Bowl of Mussel Soup



– Fire Overload breaks stun, gives you fire aura, pulses might, pulses burning and raw damaage.
– Fire 1 is okay for cleaving in fights, but not incredibly useful.
– Fire 2 puts on a good bit of burning damage as well as raw damage in an AOE.
– Fire 3 does a decent amount of AOE damage with both raw damage and burning. It also gives an evade for almost 1 second and is a fire field.
– Fire 4 is best casted at the end of the Empowers and we all have 25 stacks of might for awhile.
– Fire 5 is a mice AOE for tags, not much damage but it is a really big fire field and the burning is pretty nice if someone stands in it.


– Water overload breaks stun, removes conditions with each pulse, gives frost aura and a pretty big heal to yourself and allies.
– Water 1 stacks up vulnerability on an enemy really fast, so if you’re stuck in water, it is a good AOE skill to use.
– Water 2 is a heal + damage, the damage on this skill is actually pretty good.
– Water 3 is a blast finisher as well as chilling enemies. Small damage though.
– Water 4 is an AOE knock back/interrupt and a nice AOE heal as well.
– Water 5 is a moving water field, so good.


– Air overload breaks stun, grants shocking aura and makes your attacks for the next 10 seconds deliver a lightning strike and put on vulnerability to your enemies. It also puts down a lightning field, so if anyone uses a leap finisher in it, it will daze. The damage output from this skill is very high.
– Air 1 is decent damage when just cleaving.
– Air 2 provides AOE weakness for 5 seconds.
– Air 3 grants Shocking Aura for yourself and allies which stuns anyone attacking you every 2 seconds.
– Air 4 is one of my favorite skills now, give swiftness and is a very big AOE interrupt/pull.
– Air 5 is a long range AOE that gives vuln and damage, not bad, just not amazing. Would be much nicer if the damage was higher.


– Earth overload breaks stun, grants stability, gives magnetic aura, cripples, bleeds and immobilizes enemies. It is also a blast finisher.
– Earth 1 can stack up bleeds pretty quickly, but isn’t very useful in larger group play.
– Earth 2 is a small AOE with pretty decent damage and a cripple.
– Earth 3 is a 2 step leap skill that immobilizies a single target then lets you leap to them, it is unblockable. I use it when leaping in to a fight occasionally if I know that when I get in to the fight it will be very hot.
– Earth 4 gives magnetic Aura, increases duration of boons on allies by 2 seconds, protection and a blast finisher.
– Earth 5 is small raw damage but a nice bleed and blinding, it is a pretty big AOE as well.


Earth Line

– Gives protection every time I apply an aura to myself and allies.
– Give stability to myself and allies when attuning to Earth.
– I take 10% less damage when at close range from enemies.
– Yes, I’m using Diamond Skin currently, it is great to have for pushes. It is said to be getting a nerf soon so I’ll probably swap it with “Stone Heart” once it does. Not sure yet.

Water Line

– Heals when I attune to water.
– When I’m critically hit, I gain vigor and frost aura.
– I do 10% more damage when above 90% HP, also reduces recharge on water skills, so faster heals.
– Cleansing Water, every time I apply regeneration – I clear a condition. No internal cooldown, every time I apply an aura, I apply regeneration so then every time I use an aura skill, I clear a condition.

Tempest Line

– Gain an aura based on my attunement when I overload.
– Gain swiftness when I overload.
– Auras I apply give regeneration and vigor (due to aura share, anyone who receives this aura will as well.)
– I gain protection when I use an overload, protection applies to me is also 40% damage reduction instead of 33%.
– Auras I apply heal allies, I also gain 5 seconds of frost aura when I drop below 75% HP.